I am Dr. Kerry Mitchell Brown

  • Equity Strategist. Cultural Architect.
  • Ph.D., MBA, and Gestalt Certified.  
  • “Organizational culture is directly tied to organizational performance and bottom-line. Organizations whose culture centers on belonging, valuing, and respecting – three basic human needs – have the ability to maximize human capital for optimum organizational performance and outcomes.”
  • “Organizational growth has a transformational effect on the organization, products or services, and the people. Dramatic growth can be disorienting and often realized once familiar procedures and routines are radically transformed.”
  • “All people should have equal access to justice, wealth, health, well-being, privileges, and opportunity regardless of their social identity group memberships, geography, legal, political, and economic realities. Inequity has real consequences and undermines the realization of the full potential of the whole society through the waste of human resources.”

Get To Know KMB

Dr. Kerry Mitchell Brown is the Founder/CEO of KMB, but most of all, she is an Equity Strategist and Cultural Architect. Her background in organizational development and social justice advocacy is the foundation for her work with individuals, organizations, and corporations. Dr. Kerry Mitchell Brown has specialized expertise in evaluating and executing holistic cultural change in organizations focused on realizing sustainable transformation through strategic interventions. With social justice issues dominating our news feeds and impacting the way individuals and consumers view and engage with organizations, Dr. Kerry Mitchell Brown’s strategic skill set and expertise are in great demand. Maintaining a neutral stance on issues of race and equity is no longer an option for organizations focused on optimizing their public image, internal culture, and overall profitability. Get to know KMB and get to work on refining your organization’s social justice lens and optimizing productivity.


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