Dr. Kerry Mitchell Brown is the Founder/Principal of KMB, but most of all, she is an Equity Strategist and Cultural Architect. Her background in organizational development and social justice advocacy is the foundation for her work with individuals, organizations, and corporations. Dr. Kerry Mitchell Brown has specialized expertise in evaluating and executing holistic cultural change in organizations focused on realizing sustainable transformation through strategic interventions.

Why Do Organizations Thrive With KMB?

Why Do Organizations Thrive With KMB?

At KMB, we understand that people are an organization’s most important resource. We know that people put in their best work when an organization’s culture promotes equity. We recognize that when equity is promoted and practiced within an organization, the organization thrives, optimizes its potential, and maximizes opportunities.

When KMB engages with you, your business, your corporation, or your organization, we serve as the cultural architect. Unlike an interior designer who focuses on cosmetic and surface-level remedies, as an architect, we establish equitable foundations and optimize an organization’s structure for sustainability. 

You might be wondering what these changes entail? If so, you’re not alone. These organizational shifts can be complicated and challenging – but at their root, the change strategies are effectively simple. At KMB, we work with organizations to reach their maximum productivity and impact through strategic interventions that transform the organization over time. 

In the season of racial protests, more organizations have made commitment statements for racial justice realizing that it is not enough to be non-racist. Successful organizational transformation efforts to becoming anti-racist — a sustained engagement in an ongoing journey to create and operationalize policies, practices, and procedures that not only promote but produce racial equity — could be daunting, requiring, among other things, strategic partnership, leadership, and management.

When you make racial equity mission-critical for your organization, you reap the benefits of:

  • Increased employee investment in organizational culture.
  • Cultivated standards and processes that ensure equitable workplaces.
  • Enhanced justice lens by which you can evaluate your mission, structure, leadership, and impact.
  • Increased productivity and sustainable growth facilitated by fully empowered talent.
  • Improved organizational outcomes for all stakeholders.


“Dr. Kerry calls us to interrogate what “just is”....and that we can do better! Norms change! We can be intentional about challenging the norms of who black people are"


“Her job title and role really jumps out as a Cultural Architect: She helps organizations build. There is a legacy of second class categorization that needs to be explored & understood. It still exists...we need to understand...we need the full context...She can help organizations do this very important work.”

“Dr. Kerry makes the case that perfection is not required. There will be missteps but it doesn’t mean you don’t start the work or have the conversation. So as black people we should engage in constructive and respectful conversations with those that don’t share our experiences. We can think, pause, and decide when to answer, and white people should not stay silent in the face of injustice. They have an obligation to not pretend that they do not see injustice. In their silence is agreement.”

“Dr. Kerry is so right …the work has to occur at all levels of the system. We all need to get involved, but all the work is not the same. We all have a part to play, talents to contribute, and gifts to present to the cause. We have to be INTENTIONAL around what’s ahead of us and what’s required”

“Dr. Kerry’s role is essential to the healing of our nation because employers have a responsibility in the workforce and in schools to not just hold employees accountable for their actions, but also the employers themselves. As Dr. Kerry has stated; “ We need to get rid of instigators, educate the confused weak people while supporting and protecting those who speak up.”


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